Seller Representation

Relationships with Investors

Our dedicated investors will have the resources and means to quickly purchase income properties.  My longstanding relationships with these investors and buyers allows our clients to get top dollar for their property. We have compiled an extensive database of investors and buyers who are searching for apartment buildings in Los Angeles and the San Fernando valley area.

We also call local apartment building owners in the area letting them know that your property is a great investment.  Typically we will match the holdings of these property owners with your type of property.  We use a specialized software to research these highly prized contacts.

We are very proactive, even before the listing has hit the M LS we have called hundreds of potential investors and buyers that are looking specifically for your property.

Before placing your property on the market we will design a highly detailed marketing package.  We will also mail specific letters to apartment building owners in your area.  Historically local owners tend to buy more than one building in their local area and are always interested in additional deals.

Prior to listing with us we will provide you with two separate valuations.  You will get an “as is” price and a price that includes updates that we can recommend.

Pricing Your Investment property

One of the most important aspects of selling your property will be to price it correctly.  Pricing a property correctly is essential for a successful sale.  We use for proprietary software that calculates valuation.  From the data we collect we can determine very precisely the value of your apartment building.  Experience as an apartment building specialist plays a crucial factor into understanding valuation.  This is actually one of the most complex topics that we will be happy to discuss with you.

Marketing Your property

We ensure the successful sale of your property through a comprehensive marketing campaign by exposing your property to the right group of investors. In our property evaluation we consider all sources of income the investment generates, which includes future income potential the property may produce, capital expenditures recently completed and current market trends. This provides you with an accurate suggested offering price and probable fair market sales price.

Generating Offers

The main goal of our marketing strategy is to generate Offers for the purchase of your property from interested qualified buyers. We carefully and thoroughly
pre qualify each buyer through an extensive interview process to ensure that the buyer you select will have the highest probability of performing and closing escrow.

Contract Negotiation

Once we receive an Offer (s) we use our negotiation skills with a goal of selling your apartment building at the highest possible price and the most favorable terms achievable.

Escrow and Closing Coordination

Once we’re under contract, I personally take charge of all the crucial details including opening escrow, ensuring deposit delivery, managing timelines, auditing due diligence, updating clients and broker with proper information and overseeing the closing process.


I offer a Market Analysis of your Apartment Building so you can benefit from knowing what your
Apartment Building is worth and also gain valuable information about your property. This report includes:
 Rent Survey
Market Analysis

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