Commercial Agents Near Me

Commercial real estate agents are a different group than that of residential real estate agents. There are many different specialties in the commercial real estate field.  We specialize only in apartment buildings in Los Angeles and san Fernando valley.

Commercial real estate agents and residential real estate agents are different. A commercial real estate agent is business-focused on the needs of investors. We offer not only deals that are listed online like on the MLS LoopNet and CoStar  but also deals that are not online, that are not on an MLS, that are not on LoopNet.

Try calling a commercial real estate agent, most don’t even answer their phones, instead why not workk with someone that will return your calls, to provide you with information on the current listings along with detailed data that goes along with these listings.

Naturally, when using a commercial real estate broker, you will want to use one that specializes in the category of asset your looking for. And  ask relevant questions with an expertise in a niche and location

Clients need to be responsive when your agent calls you.  He wants you to make a commitment to work with him. If he’s going to put in the work and bust his butt and get in there and fight and bringing you deals, he wants you aboard. He wants you committed to working with him and not just treating him like many other brokers on standby.