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Rent cap bill approved in California Assembly

North Hollywood metro Station

Rent cap bill approved in California Assembly A proposal to place a cap on rent hikes statewide was approved in the California Assembly late Wednesday and will now advance into the Senate—with major changes to appease a powerful group of…

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Apartment Building Earthquake Retrofit

Apartment Building Earthquake Retrofit Information (Soft Story Retrofit) The Los Angeles Building and Safety Department has identified apartment buildings that are most vulnerable to earthquakes. These apartment buildings usually have 2 or more stories wood frame construction called soft story type…

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R 22 Freon Phase Out

R 22 Freon Phase Out Dilemma For Apartment Building Owners The phase out of the R22 refrigerant by the year 2020 will cause a huge dilemma for many apartment building owners in Los Angeles and throughout the USA. If your…

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