Apartment buildings for sale San Fernando valley

Apartment buildings for sale San Fernando valley


If you are looking to buy an apartment building in the San Fernando valley then you’re in luck because there are a huge number for of apartment buildings and for sale at any one time. You’ve probably already checked out the multiple listing service and found some apartment buildings for sale in the San Fernando valley. Some of my favorite areas are studio city, North Hollywood, valley village and Van Nuys.

These San Fernando valley cities have a high ratio of rent jurors vs. owners. It’s a good idea to use a commercial real estate broker to find an apartment building for sale. For four starters most apartment buildings are traded off market, meaning that they will not be listed on the multiple listing service.

A good commercial real estate broker who specializes in apartment buildings in the San Fernando valley will have some deals for you to look at. Here she will help you analyze the deal financially and see if it makes sense for you to go ahead and proceed.

If the deal doesn’t make sense then typically you’ll wait for something else to come along that does make financial sense and have a good cash flow. Your broker most likely will contact other commercial real estate brokers to find off market apartment buildings in the San Fernando valley.

But another tactic that commercial real estate brokers use is that they will call apartment building owners in the area that you’re looking for and will see if an apartment building owner is willing to sell his or her building.

Most commercial real estate brokers have a extensive database of apartment building owners and apartment building investors